40+ Years of Canine Experience Gives Peace of Mind

Janet Reschke

Janet Reschke with Bran

BowWow Walks provides dog owners with peace of mind…and their pooches with love and exercise when owners can’t be there.

Janet, BowWow Walks’ founder, will walk your dog or play with your puppy. With her 40+ years of dog experience, you can count on BowWow Walks to take great care of your canine “kids.”

About the Owner, Janet Reschke

Dog Lover…Educator…Entrepreneur


Vintage moment: Janet started caring for dogs many moons ago.

Born into a family that not only loved dogs, but that owned a dog-boarding kennel in Ontario, Janet had an opportunity to get to know a variety of dogs, instead of just a few family pets over a lifetime…like most of us.

Enjoying her “work” with the family biz, Janet not only developed a huge fondness for dogs, but she learned to respect them and was fascinated by them—enjoying any time she had to interact with a four-legged pooch, whether it was hers or someone else’s companion.

With a fondness for English and Gordon Setters, Janet and her sister, Judy started showing their family’s dogs in Canadian Kennel Club shows—learning from their cousin who was a professional dog handler and respected dog judge and breeder in the US.

Loving to work with dogs and people so much, Janet started another dog-related business in 2012.  Combining her experience with personality typing in the human resources world with the knowledge that dogs have personality types, too, Janet opened Paw Perspectives.

With Paw Perspectives, Janet helps a dog owner or prospective dog owner communicate more effectively with a dog and/or pick a compatible pooch, just by helping the owner identify strong personality traits in the owner and the dog.  She also helps owners with communication strategies.

In her years of work and play with dogs, Janet also recognized the importance of socialization and exercise for dogs.

Encouraged by some new friends, Janet got BowWow Walks set up and insured, earned her pet first-aid certification, launched her website and Facebook page, and joined Professional Dog Walkers Canada to network with other dog walking professionals.

She looks forward to meeting many “neighbours”… and your dogs.