We Put the “Wow” in BowWow Walks…and Love It!

We all know that exercise and socialization are so important for a healthy, well-behaved dog…just as exercise is the number-one wellness recommendation for humans.

But, then there is reality.  Many dog owners just cannot take their canine buddy on a walk every day.

If you are a busy person—working a lot and juggling too many responsibilities—you may just not have time to walk your dog every day.

If you are challenged by mobility issues or age, you may not be able to take your dog for a walk.

Stop feeling guilty!  Stop worrying about your dog sleeping alone (or worse) at home all day!

No concrete walking around town for your pooch! Janet has mapped out many nature trails that will have your dog getting their exercise through fields, natural areas and other off road accesses. Your dog will come home happy, tired and occasionally wet and muddy. After all, it is more fun to get dirty!!


BowWow Walks is here!

BowWow Walks is a professional dog-walking service that serves the Redwater, Alberta area, founded in 2014 by Janet Reschke.

Janet is an experienced “dog person” who will walk your dog (or dogs) or give potty breaks and play with your puppy.

With BowWow Walks, you have peace of mind and your pooch has a new friend who will provide exercise and TLC when you cannot be there.  

Call Janet at BowWow Walks today for more information.